My name is Diane Vich, I am a nurse, Professor of Nursing and former special education. I am also a mother and wife.  My sick2fit journey began in January 2013 with nutrition and fitness. This was a highly stressful time in my life, balancing two young children, full-time employment, full-time Graduate nursing courses and a traveling husband. The time of body illness and fatigue had reached its peak.  My severe illness brought me to my knees with debilitating migraines, chronic body pain and severe IBS and digestive issues. I remember picking up my kids from school, then 2 and 5 years of age. They couldn’t wait to talk and share the news of the day. I was dizzy, in pain and suffering from a severe migraine. I had to ask them to be quiet because I did not feel well. The wonderful children I had took care of me, while I laid on the couch unable to move. They brought me ice packs, water and cuddled with my while I suffered. I knew that this was not healthy for me or them. I wanted to be a healthy mom, able to spend time with her children and have fun. I didn’t want to be restricted by my illness and disease anymore. Thus I set out on my journey to wellness. Through diet and fitness, I was able to remove most of my prescription medications and improve my symptoms. But I was still looking for improvement in chronic pain, IBS and migraines. In 2017, I was introduced to Protandim by a close friend and nurse Daisy. She had been on the product for 4 years with great success for her Multiple Sclerosis. It took me a few months to finally decide to take a leap for my own health. I was surprised after 5 months my chronic debilitating arm pain, nerve pain and numbness had improved. At this point, I realized I had to spread the news to my family and friends that were suffering from chronic illness, pain, cancer and disease.

I want to help others learn techniques to improve their own health and wellness journey.   I found energy, excitement, relief, purpose and most of all health. I am here to guide your journey, How can I help you?


Diane Vich

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