My sick2fit journey began in January 2013. This was a highly stressful time in my life, balancing two young children, full-time employment, full-time Graduate nursing courses and a traveling husband. The time of body illness and fatigue had reached its peak, I was exhausted, taking 13 prescription medications just to get by. I had migraines, gastrointestinal reflux (GERD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), severe hair loss, carpel tunnel, nerve pain down my right arm, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ), anxiety, and constant body pains. The realization came to me after physicians tried to label me with “fibromyalgia.” I’m a nurse I’ve seen patients with this and my mother as well. I was not going to accept this vague diagnosis that essentially means your crazy and inventing these pains on yourself. I knew I had to find a solution, stop taking prescription medications and become well again for my children and family. The journey took me to see a homeopathic doctor; I was actually looking for acupuncture to deal with my chronic neck and shoulder pain. In the end this visit help me find a solution to all my problems. I needed to find what elements, minerals and vitamins my body was missing. I have always known my body was missing elements, minerals and vitamins due to poor absorption in my bowels (intestines). I had gone to numerous gastroenterologists, specialists and primary physicians over the years to try and identify the cause. I had always known this was the issue (poor absorption) but I could never prove it and no physician understood. Finally, the homeopathic physician understood me and the results showed the truth. My biggest problem was my body storage of minerals and elements had already been critically low, then I had two babies, breast-fed them both for each a year, which caused a spiral of events and worsening of symptoms. I was right the entire time, my body was weak and missing the nutrients I need. I had been eating poorly for years, eating processed food, junk food, and protein only, vegetables were nonexistent. I had removed them from my body and my families diet as well. All of these changes in diet, family life, stress and illness made me realize my body needed balance. What is balance? It is individualized and personal, it requires internal analysis and reflection, it requires relaxation and deep breathing to connect with your body. And I want you to stop, stop reading, take three deep long breaths and read the introduction again. Stick around and find out more about my journey.

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