My mom’s Story

My mom’s health journey has been a rollercoaster over the years.  She had undergone Holistic treatments with me in 2013 and improved many of her symptoms and lost weight.  But once she resumed her regular diet and lost her healthy habits the symptoms started to worsen again.  In October of 2017, she began the Vitality Stack while she underwent Holistic treatments as well.  Her symptoms began to improve monthly and the changes in her anxiety and depression were evident.  We have family history of depression and anxiety which has impacted my mom her entire life.  She has always been a negative thinker which impacted her healthcare decisions over the years.  She has needed a knee replacement for several years but her negative outlook, was holding her back.  Finally, as her mood, memory and depression started too improve her outlook changed.  She became much more positive and finally decided to schedule her knee replacement. We had been trying to schedule this for years and something always got in her mind and stopped her.  Before her surgery last month, she was happy, at peace, with a positive mind and ready for her surgery without regrets. It was a blessing to finally see her so relaxed and ready to make a step for her health and future.  She has never been so calm and relaxed as she was the day of surgery.  She quietly waited for the procedure with a positive mind and attitude.

Her arthritis and chronic pain was constant before the Vitality Stack.  Her symptoms slowly started to disappear over the months.  She used to go to acupuncture weekly, massages twice a month and magnet therapy as well.  As the time progressed, her need for alternative therapies decreased and she no longer needed treatments to reduce her pain.  She felt so happy and pain free, I could see it in her every day.  She no longer complained of her body aches and chronic pain.  She thanked me for giving her this supplement that changed her health.  She was also ecstatic that I had finally found something that had helped me improve my own chronic pain and symptoms.  I know the fact that my symptoms mirrored hers was hard for her to bear.  She often blamed herself and felt guilty for my chronic illness.  I reassured her over the years, that I was going to find a natural solution to my health crisis.  Genetics is not an easy factor to impact and the only researched and studied pathway to impact genetics is NRF2.  Thankfully, my Nrf2 solution also helped her find her health.  I am thankful everyday that I can continue to spread my word of healing and help others like my mom in need of healing.

Listen to Your Body

Listen to your body.  What does that mean?  I didn’t understand the meaning of knowing my body for a long time.  Before my transformation, I never paid attention to my reactions to food, activities, stress, etc.  I never looked at how my body reacted and responded in different situations.  I kept doing the same old thing and feeling the same crappy way.  In 2013, I made a change and made a decision to pay more attention.  I did an elimination diet to determine what foods were causing my symptoms. And oh boy, there were a lot of symptoms.  I had migraines, urinary tract infections, yeast infections, sinus infections, body pain, fatigue, hair loss, severe stomach pains and much more.  It was too many symptoms to tackle at once, so I focused on one stomach pain (IBS).  I monitored my diet closely and watched for symptoms.  I paid attention to foods and noticed reactions varied.  Some foods made me react instantly after the first few bites.  Some foods caused issues 2 hours after the meal.  Once, I noticed these trends an interesting phenomena happened.  I realized my migraines occurred the day following my stomach reactions.  The toxic effect of the food sensitivities aka allergies.  Doctors always told me that is not allergy, stomach issues aren’t an allergy.  I say Bullshit, this is an allergy and it can be very severe for me.  Some foods that caused an instant reaction are black pepper, apples and corn.  Oh boy, did I pay for these foods for days.  It was a no brainer for me to completely eliminate them from my diet.  Other foods caused delayed reactions for examples desserts, sugary filled foods and carbohydrates.  A new phenomena occurred, I noticed a new symptoms that occurred after these meals shoulder and neck pain.  You have to realize I suffered from chronic shoulder and neck pain, so it was hard for me to differentiate the difference until I eliminated foods from my diet.  Suddenly, I was able to notice increases in pain that occurred a few hours after the meal and lasted for days.  This was when I realized holy crap, this has to be auto-immune.  My body is attacking itself because of these foods.  I went to countless doctors and could not confirm a diagnosis but I knew I was right.  Finally in 2014, I found a holistic MD that diagnosed me with Leaky gut.  Hello, I was right, the food was traveling out of my intestines, throughout my body and targeting my pain centers.  The inflammation was increasing every time I ate these foods.  I continue to eliminate foods to this day because I am in-tune with my reactions that I am able to isolate most of the issues.  Sometimes, if I combine foods, it makes it difficult to identify, so I pay attention the next time I eat a particular food or at a specific restaurant.  I am a creature of habit, I eat the same plate, every time I visit a restaurant.

Why am I a creature of habit?

  1. I know how I felt when I ate it.
  2. I enjoyed it.
  3. It has foods in it that don’t cause reactions.
  4. I felt satisfied and enjoyed it.

I have also learned to listen to my muscles, tendons and ligaments.  This step was a little harder to accomplish.  You see I had so much built up inflammation in my body that my chronic pain sites were constantly stiff and tight with poor range of motion.  After 4 months, on Protandim the pain and numbness down my body was gone.  People ask me all the time, how that is possible.  Well think of inflammation like this, it builds up throughout your body every day.  As we age our bodies don’t have the antioxidants that fight the free radical damage that causes inflammation.  Free radicals what the heck is that, right.  Imagine a light bulb, at first it is shinning bright and filled with light.  As the years pass, it loses energy and begins to breakdown.  Now, there is a gap between the light and the top of the bulb.  Let’s say that free space is filed with free radicals.  As the time passes, that space begins to grow and the light dims more every year.  Until poof it dies.  Well that is what happens inside our bodies.  Let the free radicals take over, inflammation multiplies and boom illness prevails.  So, lets get back to me and my body.  The pain was gone, the numbness was gone and I noticed massages were actually working.  Before this phenomena I felt a little relief from massage but the knots and tight muscles never went away, thus the pain was always there.  Now, the inflammation had decreased so therapies were effective.  Soon, a new phenomena developed and no doctor could explain it, not even my gynecologist.  I noticed I was urinating more often, but it was not urine it was lymphatic fluids.  It took some research and conversations with colleagues on the product to confirm.  I was right once again.  How do I know?  Imagine this, I would completely empty my bladder before a massage, yet I was completely full an hour later.  Then, it got more interesting.    I know my body so well that I can isolate tension in specific muscles and release them.  What the heck lady, you are crazy right?  Nope  its the truth, I can empty my bladder, then perform a stretch routine and boom void again with in a few minutes.  If you want a personalized instruction for this technique call me and set up a consultation.  I can tell you this, none of this was possible until I used Protandim.

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety falls close to home for many people now a days.  It is a personal issue I have struggled with for a long time.  My family has history of both depression and anxiety.  The fact is your genes are hard to avoid.  Its often hard for people to face the facts and admit they need help to deal with their emotions.  I know because it was the case for me.  I have seen therapists periodically to deal with a variety of life struggles.  I also have a close friend that is a Psychologist and has counseled me on many occasions.  It often helps to talk to someone with a fresh perspective and open mind.  I have enjoyed and benefited from all my therapy experiences.  They have all been different based on the specialized techniques each therapist uses.  But I can tell you they were all beneficial and helped me surpass my obstacles. and balance my emotional self.  During my health crisis in 2013, I was under extreme stress and suffering from Panic Attacks and Depression.  I was often depressed and lonely because my husband was traveling constantly.  My panic attacks would range from crying on the floor to feeling terrified in the car.   I remember one particular incident that occured during my Master’s Nursing Program.  I had a paper probably 30 more more pages long.  The paper was due and I was having issues with the drop box program it needed to be submitted in.  I was high strung, stressed and very emotional.  I had spent countless hours researching and preparing this document.  Suddenly, as I tried to submit the document, it completely disappeared from my computer. I was so upset, my heart was racing, time was almost out and I felt helpless.  I began crying uncontrollably on my knees in the office.  My husband luckily was able to find the document again, I still have no idea how.  This occurred during the months were my disease and illness was worsening.  At this time, I knew I needed help.  I needed someone to help me deal with the stress and give me strategies to cope.  Though, I had learned strategies in nursing school, when it is you, they don’t come to mind.  My therapist treated me at the same time I was changing my diet and fitness regimen.  She helped me realize that exercise was an outlet to release stress and anxiety.  She interestingly also helped me with pain by using imagery.  I actually went into a session with a severe migraine, light was unbearable and my head was pounding.  She helped me imagine a color that was relaxing to me “yellow.”  I chose yellow because to me that is like sunshine, relaxing and soothing.  She then told me to paint the areas of pain with my paint brush.  I proceeded to paint in my mind the area where my migraine was.  I painted over my eyes, along my jaw and my head.  It sounds crazy, I know, but it worked.  I remember feeling a huge sense of relief after that session.  She also taught me another technique to help me sleep at night.  I am a worry wort.  I tend to think and think so much at night that I can’t go to sleep.  I worry about the kids, work, an event, you name it, it’s on my mind.  She taught me to put those thoughts in a bottle or suitcase, place them on a train and watch them go away.  I know, insane right, but that shows the power of the mind.  If you think it, you believe it and then it is achievable.  I would actually do this exact routine several times throughout that year to cope with my stress.  Fast forward to 2018, my life now is stressful in different ways but I have learned to cope with my stress more effectively because of everything I learned throughout my journey to wellness.  The Protandim has released the build up of inflammation in my body which was making me anxious and depressed.  I won’t like I still get anxious sometimes before a big event but my body responds much better to it.  For example, last night I was so nervous because I had a new venue I was attending at 7 am.  I had 3 alarms set but I still kept waking up to check the time.  I woke up 4 times throughout the night yet I managed to wake up energized and ready to go.  I realize now that I had actually forgotten to take my evening dose of Protandim.  I use it twice a day because my autoimmune condition makes me develop inflammation and joint stiffness overnight.  I woke up and saw the pill on the counter and said “Hmmm no wonder, I didn’t sleep well.”  Thankfully, even though I woke up so often, i fell right back to sleep each time.  So I tell you, don’t feel ashamed or crazy, everyone needs help sometimes.  We all have obstacles to face in our stressful lives.  Sometimes we get so many obstacles that the impact our emotional wellbeing.  Its okay to talk to someone about it.  A psychologist or therapist can help give you strategies to cope with these emotions.  If you feel stressed, anxious, sad or depressed get help.  Your life will improve because of it.

Corn Allergy and Free Radical Damage

As a child, I loved corn and corn products.  At the time, my parents were not aware of my allergies.  Even though my food allergies were diagnosed at an early age, it was a time when no one read food labels.  People were just not aware of food ingredients and the impact they have on children and adults with allergies.  I spent my entire life eating processed foods filled with corn.  My allergies were digestive and no one understood the impact this poor diet was having on my overall health. I spent every day of my childhood and early adulthood eating cereal, junk food and processed snacks that contained corn and sugar.  My symptoms of headache, body pain and digestive issues continued to multiply and worsen.  I identified my allergy to corn in adulthood after the birth of my oldest son approximately 11 years ago.  My symptoms became instant and severe after eating cereal made with corn. I began to notice a pattern of reactions after eating processed bars or cereals.  After several concurrent severe issues with pain, bloating and body pains, I started to read labels.  I noticed a common variable in the food labels: corn syrup, high fructose corn-syrup and corn starch.  I slowly eliminated these processed foods from my diet and the symptoms began improving.  At the time, I thought this would completely resolve my issues but I was wrong.  In 2017, I became aware of free radical damage and oxidative stress.  Through my research over this enlightening year, my knowledge and understanding has grown and flourished.  Allergens can cause free radical damage, immune system disruption and tissue damage.  Basically, I have realized my poor diet filled with allergens was causing damage to my immune system, digestive tract and health.  These harmful allergens were causing internal damage to my stomach and intestines.  These microscopic areas of inflammation began to increase in size and worsen over time.  My illness began to progress from IBS to Leaky Gut and autoimmune disease.  The truth is the oxidative stress and free radical damage was multiplying by the day and my health worse worsening by the decade.  Every year, new symptoms would arise and doctors continued to add more prescriptions that increased the stress and damage to my body.  The lesson I learned is food allergy tests don’t always tell you food sensitivities.  These sensitivities can develop and worsen overtime, causing damage to the tissues of the digestive tract.  Our immune system starts in our digestive tract.  Therefore, I was damaging my immune system, digestive tract and entire body over time.  Free radical damage is happening to everyone daily, including children.  The damage multiplies over time and serious health conditions arise.  Thankfully,  I was able to fight back and improve my symptoms with nutrigenomics.  These nutrient-rich compounds help stop the daily reaction to free radical damage and over time began to heal the damage throughout my body.  Call me to learn more, let me help you…

IBS Curve Ball

IBS is an ongoing journey.  It can be stable for a long time and suddenly impact your health for the rest of your life.  I have learned to watch my diet closely and recognize foods that trigger my symptoms.  But sometimes even foods you have been eating for a long time, suddenly cause problems.  If you are suffering from IBS and digestive issues, you may experience this regularly.  I experienced a curve ball this very week.  I had been feeling great, eating my regular diet and boom a relapse.  The important thing I have learned is to implement my detox regimen immediately.  I don’t like taking prescription medications but if the pain is severe, I do take them on occasion.  My prescription for abdominal cramping is Bentyl, I only take it when the cramps are very painful.  If I wake up with heart burn or gastritis, Dexilant is my proton-pump of choice.  I don’t take either of these on a daily basis.  I only use them until the symptoms improve, which usually is 1-3 days.  My natural remedies of choice are activated charcoal and Kombucha.  I use Kombucha to relieve gas, bloating and discomfort naturally.  Kombucha is filled with natural probiotics and their are a variety of brands and flavor options.  The activated charcoal helps remove toxins and allergens from the body.  The charcoal binds the harmful elements in the food that cause my symptoms and reduce gas.  It is important to remember that charcoal will interact with natural and prescription medications reducing the effectiveness.  I make sure I take the charcoal alone several hours after any other medication.  This weekend was Mother’s Day and nature took its course.  I woke up on Mother’s Day with heart burn and gas.  I fought back right away with Kombucha and oatmeal to settle my stomach.  I also took a Bentyl because the cramping was beginning and my day was filled with activities.  The day went well until the evening when the cramping returned.  My go to is oatmeal dinner, Bentyl and Kombucha.  The importat thing to remember is IBS can be a rollercoaster. It is important to be prepared for the symptoms when they arise.  I keep charcoal, Kombucha, oatmeal, Bentyl and Dexilant in stock at all times.  If I travel I take them with me.  Stay prepared and fight back against your IBS.  Natural remedies are the best option but prescription medications can help alleviate the symptoms.  I hope this was helpful.  Feel free to ask me questions,  Schedule a consultation for personalized advice.

Why I Support Autism Speaks?

My desire to help children with Autism and developmental delays has been a lifelong endeavor.  As an adult with Learning Disabilities, it was my goal to help these children achieve their dreams.  I began my journey helping children with disabilities in my undergraduate education as the Web Designer and treasurer in am Exceptional Student Education program at FIU.  My first degree was an Exceptional Student Educator which I obtained under from FIU with full scholarships and graduated with Honors.  I was a Pre-K special education teacher at Blue Lakes Elementary for 2 years in a class with children with a variety of developmental delays.  After my experience with children with disabilities my desire to understand the medical implications of this population began to grow.  I changed my career once again and became a developmental specialist/  As a developmental specialist, I evaluated children with developmental delays from birth to 5 years of age to determine delays and enable placement in supportive therapies.  These therapies were essential for families to enhance the child’s development by providing key developmental guidance by physical therapy, speech therapy, teachers and occupational therapies.  Over the years,  my passion to learn the impact medical diagnosis and health issues for these children continued to grow.

Parallel to my career journey my family was going through similar struggles with some of my cherished loved ones.  It is not my place to share the details but their journey truly hit home in my heart. My career then took a new turn, to nursing.  Nursing was always a passion of mine and pediatrics has always been my desired patient population.  I finally, decided to take the leap and leave my career as a Developmental Specialist to become a Registered Nurse.  I began my journey at Baptist Hospital with Miami Dade College.  I received a full scholarship to fund my career endeavor and a great organization to work for.  I began as a nursing assistant traveling the hospital and working with a variety of patients as my education progressed.  My passion for pediatrics continued to flourish and I knew this was my home.  Finally, the end of my nursing degree arrived and I was hired by the Pediatric Emergency Room at Baptist Children’s Hospital.  I was finally, on my way to understanding the connection between medical diagnosis and developmental delays.  Little did I know, my own health journey would further impact my understanding of my own developmental delay and memory issues.  After several years as a nurse,  I came across many children with developmental delays combined with chronic medical issues.

My curiosity and learning continued to grow and flourish.  At this point, I decided to return to school and obtain my Master’s Nurse Educator degree from Nova Southeastern University.  Once again, I obtained a full scholarship from Baptist Health to continue my learning and career endeavors.  As my education progressed, my health began to decline.  My memory, pain and anxiety began to multiply and impact my work and home life.  I began to visit doctors more frequently and emergency visits on a regular basis.  My desire to help children had to be placed on the back burner until i overcame my personal health issues.  At this point, I began my health journey in 2013 to improve my energy, memory, anxiety and pain.

I became a priority again in my life and it was a necessary obstacle to become the woman I am today.  I learned so much from my health journey.  I realized the significant impact my nutrition had on my memory, energy and focus.  I became aware of the impact yoga and regular exercise had on my physical health, pain, stress and circulation.  Finally, in 2017 Protandim helped me complete the circle of health and wellness.  At the time, I had no idea the potential this product would have on children with developmental delays and autism.  As my healing began to progress, my memory, learning and focus began to improve and I was able to remember many things that just would slip my long-term memory before.  Throughout my childhood and college years my friends would tell me stories about my young life and I could not remember anything.  Sometimes even looking at pictures, I would still draw a blank and not remember the events of my youth.  Little by little, my memory started to improve and I would make connections between my health struggles and my childhood allergies/diet.  The fact was that as a child I was highly allergic to everything, i would always have hives or rashes and my parents took me to take shots on a regular basis.  At the time, my parents didn’t understand the impact processed foods and poor diet was having on my health and development.  I continued to eat junk, high sugar processed snacks and tons of corn products.  I was unaware that these foods were creating inflammation in my body and impacting my memory, pain and development.  Now, i know the true impact because I have learned to understand my body, my symptoms and the impact various foods had on me.

My specific symptoms with toxic foods for my body:

Corn and Corn syrup – brain fog, memory issues, fatigue, body pain, IBS and headaches

Gluten- body pain, migraine, brain fog, fatigue, memory issues and pain. After 6 months of no gluten, I tried gluten and developed an abdominal rash that lasted  2 months.  I had a migraine, chronic body pain and IBS for a week until the gluten left my body.

Sugar from fruits and carbohydrates – body pain, fatigue, IBS, memory issues and headaches.

Fast forward to 2018, now I am feeling fabulous.  My memory, energy, pains and migraines are in control.  I was finally able to focus more on helping others again.  My desire to spread my knowledge, experience and personal journey with the community began to flourish.   I began to focus on oxidative stress, nutrigenomics and biohacking to impact a variety of diseases and developmental delays.  It was hard for me to develop the courage to speak my story via social media and public forums but I knew I had to overcome my fears and help others.  Finally,  I reunited with Luly B. in April 2018 and my motivation came.  Luly B. was a classmate of mine in elementary school but I had a fear of her outgoing, happy personality at the time because my learning disabilities and fear were beginning to arise.  She became a true inspiration and push for me to get out of my shell and finally do all the things I have wanted to achieve.  So here I am in May 2018, excited to attend her event and finally strong and confident.  With her inspiration and guidance, and the support from BNI Rainmakers my confidence is here.  Miami and the world my goal is set, my passion and focus is here and my story will be told.  I am focusing my events to support Autism Speaks because of my personal connection with children with autism and my desire to help them heal naturally.  I urge you to support this fabulous cause and learn more about natural healing, nutrition and enzyme activation.  Join me on May 27 or June 10 in the Microsoft Store at Dadeland Mall.  If you are not local to Miami and would like to support the event, donate today and watch Live on my Youtube channel.  Become a follower on my YouTube Channel and get instant access to the live events.  I hope to see you there.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety impacts your health by increasing free radical damage and stress on your cells.  We don’t realize the damage as it is occurring daily but most times we don’t realize the little symptoms as they arise.  Stress impacts our bodies in a variety of ways. Some examples are: libido, memory, indigestion, blemishes, headaches, weigh gain, muscle pain, nails, hair loss, fatigue and back acne.  There are many more symptoms and stress impacts everyone differently and it is essential to learn your body.  Anxiety that is not dealt with leads to a chronic condition can further decline in your health.  Chronic anxiety causes memory loss, immune system depression, muscle tension and even heart attack.  Recently, I was really sad because I found out an acquaintance had a heart attack and diet.  I had been seeing her periodically and noticed her body was going through changes but she wasn’t open to learning what i had to share.  She looked exhausted, weight gain, swollen and pale.  I was not able to help her even though my desire to spread my personal benefit backed by 23 published studies.  It is very sad that people are closed-minded to learning new advancements in health and wellness.  It actually impacted me with severe stress and anxiety that day and evening.  I had trouble relaxing for sleep, shutting of my brain and settling down.  I slept poorly that night and woke up exhausted the next day but I definitely learned from this experience.  I realize now that I can’t save everyone. I can only help those that are willing to open their minds to new possibilities and explore the realm of holistic wellness and healing.  I have gone through tons of changes over the years in my journey to wellness.  I am a person that internalized stress, thus it impacts my body by exhibiting most of the symptoms above.  I used to suffer from chronic anxiety, chronic pain, hair loss, skin issues and immune problems.  I thankfully, found Protandim and was able to reverse these effects on my body.  I ask you to keep an open mind and learn about natural healing.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to fight the stress that is building up ever day.  Your body will appreciate it, when you give it the fuel it needs to repair itself.  Ask me how to fight back?


Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain and fatigue.  Patients with the condition also have issues with sleep, memory and mood. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia augments painful sensations by affecting the way the brain processes pain signals.

As a nurse and professional patient, I completely disagree with this diagnosis and the stigma it brings.  As a professional patient, that was constantly at specialist after specialist, I know that doctors use this diagnosis when they have no other explanation for the symptoms.  It simply is a cover all. So, you have chronic pain, chronic fatigue and memory issues, well then of course its Fibromyalgia.  Why is there such a disconnect between Western Medicine and finding the root cause of the problem?  Why does Medicine solve the issue by pilling on prescriptions?  Every doctor I went to, a new prescription was given.  They ranged from steroids, muscle relaxants and nerve medications.  What about something to actually fight the inflammation naturally? Anybody…  Nope that was never the option.  What about answering why this was happening to me? Why were my symptoms always getting worse as the years passed? Many of these prescription medications caused me to develop huge side effects and symptoms, yet I continued to take them.  There was one particular medication, I can’t recall the name.  But one day, I lost the ability to void, yep, I could not pee.  Hello, that is huge, a 30+ female, suddenly loosing the ability to void.  I ended up needing a full spine MRI. That took several hours to complete. The doctors could not find any explanation for my symptoms based on my results.  There was no physical or laboratory explanation of my symptoms.  Guess what the cause was.  The pain medication, I had started it a few days before and it was one of the possible side effects.

My pain was so severe, I went to several pain specialists, looking for relief.  These pain clinics are factories. Factories of patients waiting for injections to deal with their pain.  The wait was always long, and results were temporary.  Injections are done under fluoroscopy to locate the injection site.  This means each time you have an injection you are exposing your body to radiation.  What does radiation do? It is a toxin for your body. My body was already filled with toxins and here I was making it worse.  After multiple injections, I decided to go to a different pain doctor.  It was no surprise he did not practice these injections, he actually rarely used this technique and thought it created more damage and little benefit.  So, he prescribed Lyrica for the nerve pain and numbness I had on the right side of my body.  Guess what happened? Side effects of course.  Even though, I took Lyrica at night, it caused drowsiness.  Remember, I already had chronic fatigue, do you think drowsiness helped that issue, absolutely not.

After my frustration with prescriptions began to grow, my use of medications decreased.  I just wanted to stop them all and find a natural alternative.   The journey was not easy.  I spent years getting regular Chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, physical therapy, and massage with only temporary results.  I continued to search for the cause of my symptoms.  I refused to accept this vague diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and continued to advocate for myself.  If I disagreed with a treatment, medication or doctors opinion, I looked for another one.  I was undoubtedly a professional patient, in search of the right answer, which never came, Western Medicine didn’t have my answer and it was obvious.

I sought out ergonomics assistance to create a more comfortable environment and relieve some of the repetitious movements that increased my pain.  My desk was modified to include a left-handed specialty mouse, to relieve the stress on my right arm. My desk modified and a special chair provided support for my lower back, neck and thorax.  These all helped keep the symptoms stable but didn’t take away my pain.

I then incorporate exercise, deciding that moving the muscles would help me remove toxins and increase circulation.  It did help but it was still not the answer.  I still had pain every day.  Jump to 2017, I learned about oxidative stress and free radical damage.  I did my research, after all I had tried so much, I was skeptical.  Was it really possible to reduce this stress in my body?  Could this really reduce my pain?  Well guess what the research showed.  More than 200 diseases are linked to oxidative stress and free radical damage.  By this time, I already knew I had a genetic condition called Ehler Danlos Syndrome III, which finally linked all my medical history and symptoms.  I had an explanation for every symptoms and surgery in my encyclopedia of a medical record.  I’m serious my medical record at my Primary and my Gynecologist were huge and I wasn’t even 40 yet.  I decided to take a leap and try Protandim, there was nothing to lose except fatigue and pain.  Why? Mitochondrial dysfunction explained my chronic fatigue and I was ready to fix it.  Oxidative stress explained the inflammation and tightness I had in my muscles where my pain was located.  I was ready for a change and Protandim gave me hope.  I finally, had the hope that my medical history and symptoms was going to change.  I wasn’t going to continue to suffer my entire life.  And guess what, it did  in a few weeks my memory and energy improved, in 3 months my pain was better, in 4 months my numbness was better and in 6 months I felt fabulous.  I learned that Holistic medicine was the only way to actually target the root cause of the problem.  Holistic medicine actually treats the cause of conditions instead of covering up the symptoms. Let me ask you, What do you have to lose?


I began taking Magnesium in 2013 after it was recommended by a Homeopathic physician.  I had been suffering from frequent muscle pain, constipation, migraines, electrolyte imbalance and fainting.  Blood test also showed a deficiency in magnesium and other electrolytes.  He recommended Magnesium glycinate because it provides better absorption and less stomach irritation.  Based on my history with IBS and reflux, this was the best choice for me.

Benefits of magnesium include:

  • lower risk of Type II Diabetes
  • helps decrease Blood pressure
  • improved bone health
  • reduce migraines
  • reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • increase energy
  • improved sleep and
  • Much more

The supplement helped reduce some of my muscle pain and headaches.  I also noticed doses of 6 capsules (120mg each) helped relieve my constipation without developing diarrhea.  Over the past year I have decreased the frequency of use, since, I have not had muscle pain, which was my primary purpose for using it.  I have been experiencing more migraines lately. I had completely forgotten the benefits potential for my migraines.  My neurologist has been trying to implement a preventative routine and knows I prefer natural remedies over prescription medications. He just suggested, I try magnesium for a few weeks to see if the migraines improve. I am going to start my dose of 6 capsules a day again and see how it goes.  Update to follow.


So far so good, its bin 9 days since I started the magnesium.  My headaches are less frequent and I haven’t needed to take my prescription Zomig as frequently.  My headaches have been minimal and Tylenol was enough to quash them.  Only, time will tell what the future will bring but my progress is good.